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It is almost halfway through February, and I am only now getting around to writing about last year, and what I want to do in the upcoming year. I did the same thing last year, so maybe this is becoming a tradition. I am getting this done a few days

Horsepower Converter converts a vehicle's horsepower to something more interesting—Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tortoise, and Space Shuttle power. It occurred to me that horsepower is an unusual measurement for the power of an engine. Then it occurred to me that I could get a lot more unusual.

This is an older project I built, but I no longer had the source code. I rebuilt it from the ground up using modern web development tools (ECMAScript 6, Babel, Webpack, and Koa). I rebuilt it mostly to try out some new technologies, but also because I think it is a fun app to play with.

Horsepower Converter | Source Code

Editsaurus is a tool to identify potential pitfalls in a piece of writing, and encourage good habits. It looks for adverbs, filler words, passive voice, lexical illusions, commonly misused words, and pronouns. It was inspired by article 3 shell scripts to improve your writing, or "My Ph.D. advisor rewrote himself in bash." by Matt Might which shared shell scripts that look for a few of the things Editsaurus does.

I have been running my own writing through it for a while, and I feel like it has helped me become a better writer by eliminating bad habits. It is not perfect and not a replacement for editing, but I thought it could be useful for other writers.

Editsaurus | Source Code