Project: Horsepower Converter

Horsepower Converter converts a vehicle's horsepower to something more interesting—Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tortoise, and Space Shuttle power. It occurred to me that horsepower is an unusual measurement for the power of an engine. Then it occurred to me that I could get a lot more unusual.

This is an older project I built, but I no longer had the source code. I rebuilt it from the ground up using modern web development tools (ECMAScript 6, Babel, Webpack, and Koa). I rebuilt it mostly to try out some new technologies, but also because I think it is a fun app to play with.

Horsepower Converter | Source Code

Tyler Walters

Written by Tyler Walters

Tyler Walters is a software engineer in Phoenix, Arizona. He is married to a beautiful woman and has three incredible daughters. He is interested in game development, writing, beer, and hot wings.