My name is Tyler Walters and I am a software engineer in Phoenix, Arizona. I married a beautiful woman named Amanda. We are the parents of two daughters, Maggie and Marie, and an unnamed kid on the way. We have a dog named Laila who is a real pain in the ass but pretty fun otherwise.

Our daughter Maggie passed away in September of 2014 due to complications from a genetic disorder she was born with. She was two years old. We miss her every day.

For a little professional history, I got started with web development in the late '90s building websites with table-based layouts and frames and hosting them on Angelfire. Still a pretty solid technology stack, right? I learned HTML, CSS, and Photoshop from online tutorials and practiced what I learned to get a job as a designer. Over time I transitioned from design to development where I found my real passion. That has been my focus since.

My goals for this blog are to write about things that interest me as a way to improve my understanding of the subjects and improve my writing. The topics will vary including software development, family life, current software and analog projects, video games, life in Phoenix, food, and whatever else happens to grab me at the time.

I hope the content offers value to any readers out there but it is unlikely everything I write will appeal to any single reader. Feel free to skip anything you don't care about and use the tag system to find what interests you.

Tyler Walters

Written by Tyler Walters

Tyler Walters is a software engineer in Phoenix, Arizona. He is married to a beautiful woman and has three incredible daughters. He is interested in game development, writing, beer, and hot wings.