About Me

My name is Tyler Walters. I am a software engineer living and working in Phoenix, Arizona. I work for a software engineering company called Cyberitas. At Cyberitas, I work mostly in JavaScript and PHP using the Angular and Yii frameworks. In my free time, I like to read, write, and play games on my PC.

I am married to a beautiful wife, Amanda, and have three incredible daughters: Maggie, Marie, and Leora. Maggie was born with a very rare genetic disorder that presented itself as Epilepsy—Dravet Syndrome, specifcally—and a general learning disability. She passed away in September of 2014 due to complications. She was two years old. We miss her every day.

Read more in the Introduction post post of this blog.

About This Site

This site runs on the Ghost blogging platform. I love the how focused it is, and I love writing my content in Markdown. There are some features I miss from other blogging platforms but so far it has been worth the trade off.

The site uses a custom Ghost theme. I wanted the design to reflect my love of writing, development, and the city of Phoenix. I wanted the site to be very readable and focused on the content.

I used the font FF Meta Serif for the body copy and Neuzeit Grotesk for the headlines. They are served using Typekit. The background photo is by Colin McMurry and made available on Unsplash.